Noriko Takahashi, M.A.

Associate professor Professor, Fukushima child mental-health center, Fukushima  University

Certified Clinical Psychologist



Fax: +81-24-503-3414

Kanayagawa 1, Fyukushima City, Fukushima, 960-1296, Japan



Educational Background:

MA in Human-Environment studies

Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University, 2002.

BA in Humanites

Department of Law, Economics and Humanities, Kagoshima University, 1999.


Professional Experience:

  • Associate Professor, Fukushima child mental-health center, Fukushima University, 2016 to present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Disaster Psychiatry, Fukushima Medical University, 2014 to 2016
  • Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Koshien University, 2011 to 2014
  • Lecturer, Department of Clinical Psychology, Kyoto Bunkyo University, 2007 to 2011
  • Counselor, Student Support Office, Kyoto Bunkyo University, 2005 to 2007


Other Academic and Professional Activities:

  • Board member, The Japanese Association for Humanistic Psychology, 2009 to present



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  • Sakanaka, M., Takahashi N. and Nakaji, N.  2011  Facilitation Study Group, Grant for Self-Organized Programs, Japanese Association for Humanistic Psychology.


Publications: Academic paper

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Presentations at International Conferences:

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  2. Kiyotaka Yausui, Katsuko Suenaga, Aya Goto, Michio Murakami, Yoshitake Takebayashi, Noriko Takahashi, Sanae Midorikawa, Akira Ohtsuru 2017 Comparison of Radiation Anxiety between Parents and Children, Nagasaki University / Fukushima Medical University JOINT GRADUATE SCHOOL DIVISION OF DISASTER AND RADIATION MEDICAL SCIENCES, Poster
  3. Takahashi, N.  2017/5 Suicide Prevention Education for Returnees to the Areas Where Evacuation Orders due to the Nuclear Power Station Accident were Lifted , European Society for Trauma & Dissociation Poster
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Publications: Books

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